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Since their invention garment hangers have had one significant drawback. Every week, millions upon millions of them end up in landfill or resource-burning recycling programs. It was clear that in an increasingly sustainable world something more had to be done. So BABA did it.

In 2017, BABA introduced its comprehensive Garment Hanger Re-use Program. It works on a simplistic philosophy that a hanger can be used many times over before it needs to be recycled. The closed-loop process allows us and our clients to work together to provide a truly sustainable solution.

For over 25 years, BABA has been servicing major retailers and garment suppliers worldwide for all hanger needs. We have patented hundreds of hanger designs, customised hangers for dozens of customers and constantly improved our manufacturing and distribution methods.

Recently, we have started this knowledge to perfect an easy to use and eco-friendly re-use program that benefits not only the environment, but your bottom line.


By engaging a single supplier to manage the re-use process and following the necessary procedures, your organisation stands to make significant improvements in efficiency and expenditure. BABA can even monitor your re-use activity and advise on how to maximise those efficiencies. The hangers we provide are specially designed to go through the cycle many times and still appear in top condition in-store.

Under this program retailers can reduce costs and improve efficiencies by extending the lifespan of a garment hanger beyond a single use. Returned hangers are cleaned, repacked and re-distributed ready to be used again. This significantly curbs consumption rates of raw materials and reduces overall green-house gas emissions.

In a nutshell:

  • Lower cost hanger over the life of the program
  • Lower import duty and duty drawback
  • Reduced administration and inventory management costs
  • Limited exposure to raw material price fluctuations
  • Reduced waste management costs
  • Reduced in store labour costs
  • Lower carbon footprint and ongoing environmental benefits

Re-use is a true partnership between retailers, garment manufacturers and BABA - for a more sustainable and efficient approach to garment hanger usage, there is no better solution than BABA's Re-use Program.


Although BABA strive to maximise the number of hangers re-used within our client programmes, there are always those that have come to the end of their usable life, either broken, dirty or obsolete. These hangers are not put back into the waste stream to end up in landfill - BABA recycle these and re-use the raw materials back in virgin production of new garment hangers.

The Recycling Process:

  • Hangers that are not to be re-used are separated from the re-use stream during the sorting process.
  • Hangers that are to be recycled are shredded and polymers and metals separated.
  • The shredded pieces then go through a number of cleaning and sorting processes to separate the various polymers and return the material to a usable virgin state.
  • Raw materials are distributed across BABA's production sites and used in the production of virgin hangers.

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